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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My weekend with friends....

"The night is still young" This sentence has been proven on last Friday night as I went to The Opera with friends, the exciting part was free flow of beers and liquors for an hour (9pm-10pm) and promotion for liquors for 9pm-11pm, obviously the free flow is just not enough for us thus another 2 bottles of  Black Label been ordered :) On that night, we all dancing.. drinking.. chit chatting.. laughing... vomiting(only that 2 drunker)...  really have fun during that night. We left The Opera, Sunway Pyramid at 3.30am, but arrived Puchong at 4.30am with the super slow speed (Thanks to the driver who drove us for an hour :p )..

Four ladies..
Well... after the night, we went to Seremban on Saturday noon: Food hunting trip!!!!!!! We were eating the whole day and it was extremely full!!!!!! Thanks to Krystle and Bryan for bringing us to eat around..Now is the time to keep fit :(
Yummy~~~ (Although i dont like seafood.. but i ate quite a lot..delicious!!)

Hmmmmm.... * thumbs up*

Tandori Chicken and me (Looking forward for her next visit) :p

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